So Eggciting!
Wondering how to keep the kids occupied this Easter? There are plenty of ideas and things to do, but here are just a few of our favourites!
Arts & Crafts
For the love of art! Get creative! It’s a great way to commence the holidays and it sets the tone for the weeks ahead. You might opt to dye eggs, make cards and decorations, your very own Easter basket or all of the above! Children love to get their hands dirty and they will have a masterpiece to showcase once they’re done.
Easter egg hunt
See your child’s eyes light up with joy as they scavenge for the hidden eggs! Simply hide them or create riddles and messages to make the game more challenging. Whatever you choose, this activity is fun for all the family!
Reading time
Find a new story, and get lost in a whole new world. Hard to put down, a great book will build your kids imagination and keep them occupied for quite some time!
Games night
Get some nibbles and a favourite game or puzzle and let the fun begin. Whether you’re working as a team or fancy some healthy competition, the evening is sure to be filled with laughter.
Enjoy the outdoors
With Malta’s beautiful weather (most of the time) we ought to spend plenty more time in the great outdoors! Whether you choose to plant some flowers in the garden, play with a ball, or even fly a kite! The sky is the limit with plenty more ideas to choose from
Can we call it Easter without Figoli? I don’t think so! Pass on your traditional figoli making skills for a memorable afternoon. Or if your culinary skills are left to be desired, learn the process together! End the activity the best way by tasting your work at the end!
Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your family time, and have a happy Easter!


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