9 summer holiday essentials!

9 summer holiday essentials!

The sun is shining, the weather is HOT and we’ve got that summer feeling!

As the heat rises keeping cool is a top priority, but with the holidays just around the corner, having fun is also undeniable! So what do you need to get you through the summer?

1. Armbands
Depending how old and how well the kids swim, armbands (or muscles) might be a worthy purchase this season!

Girl with armbands at the beach

2. Lilos & donuts
Whether you wish to float and relax in peace and harmony or plan to race the waves in Golden Bay, these inflatables are a summer classic, which in recent years have upgraded in creativity and come in various different shapes and sizes!

Flamingo lilo, two regular lilos and green ring
3. Inflatable swimming pools
Have an outdoor space but no swimming pool? Why not try an inflatable ?! Hassle free and a fun way to splash the summer away.


4. Water guns & water balloons
Be prepared to hear squeals of joy with these fun summer essentials. Whether you play as a team or are a solo warrior, this will surely keep you on your toes.

Water balloons
5. Bucket, spade

For a timeless activity a bucket and spade is all you need. Build a sandcastle or dig a giant hole, the choice is yours!

Sand castles
6. Wet head

Random and original, wet head is an amusing new game kids, (and some adults) will love.

7. Goggles
What better way to enjoy the underwater world than by seeing it! Perfect for those who cannot open their eyes under water!

8. Sand and water table
Bring the beach home and recreate all the fun with your little ones

9. Inflatable boat and oars
Row row row your boat..gently down the sea! Explore hidden bays and crystal clear waters in an unforgetable way!

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