Find time to file!

Find time to file!

Whilst some may think of a disorganised and chaotic desk when picturing a genuis hard at work, we have an entirely different image in mind. And whilst a messy desk might symbolise a busy mind, wouldn’t it be smarter to have a clear mind, it will certainly help to reduce any work stresses!

Here are our top tips to keep your filing in shape! 

File regularly

This might seem mundane and such a waste of time, but keeping on top of your filing avoids the paperwork piling up and seeming more daunting later! Filing your work will also refresh your memory and can act as a simple reminder. 

Messy papers


File systematically 

Yes, you have to organise the organsing. This makes finding things easier, ultimately making your life...easier too! Different things might need filing in different may choose to do so:

  1. By date
  2. By name
  3. In numeric order
  4. In alphabetical order
  5. By Category
  6. By colour coding

Filing cabinet

File efficiently

Using the right stationery is key to success, but when there are so many options to choose from, deciding can be hard! So we decided to narrow down a few options:

1. The classic ring file
2. The easy expanding folder
3. The handy envelope folder
4. The convenient display book
5. The practical flat file

Files on shelf


Check out more of our stationery via the link to our website! It might be all you need to spark that brilliant idea! ;)

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