Truck With Cargo Container 70771

PlaymobilSKU: 4008789707710



RC module compatible articulated truck that can carry up to 1 container. With removable tractor and roof. Dimensions: 48.5 x 13 x 18 cm (LxWxH). Ground transportation is done with the versatile cargo platform truck. This truck is not only sturdy and practical, it is also customized with the skull drawn on the cockpit. As soon as the container ship arrives at the port, the driver pushes the truck forward. In no time at all, the heavy containers are loaded onto the large loading area and the journey continues. There is no time to waste, delivery is eagerly awaited. The playset consists of a PLAYMOBIL figure, a truck with trailer, radio, toolbox and many other accessories. The truck is compatible with an RC module.

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