My Little Pony Poppin' Pinkie Pie Fame

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Play set Playskool "Pinkie Pie Surprise" will surely please your baby. Nothing delights Pinkie Pie like a surprise party! In Pinkie Pie, you can take turns decorating with balls the cake she just baked. The more you decorate it, the more delightful it will be, and if she jumps out of the cake during your turn, you win! When you're done playing, you can fold the balls under the cake. One surprise follows another in Pinkie Pie! The mechanism of the toy is designed in such a way that it is impossible to predict which hole you need to insert the stick into for Pinky to jump out, so the result of the game is unpredictable. The game awakens serious excitement and can take you for long hours. Help Pinkie Pie decorate the cake with balloons, and in return she will show you what it means to really have fun! The game contains 1 Pinkie Pie figurine, 2 cake sections, 12 cake decorations, 1 lid and instructions.

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