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Me & My Mentors - Peter Calamatta

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“It is not often that we give credit to the people who have left an impact on our lives due to their mentoring, so it is wonderful to see Peter Calamatta, who has mentored people to appreciate the natural heritage of Malta, take time to acknowledge his own mentors.
“The Role of mentors in our lives is essential, because it initiates a process of transformation within the individual, which has positive repercussions across all our communities.
“I would like to commend Peter Calamatta for taking the time to write this inspiring book. Let me also encourage all of us to keep building and supporting a culture of mentorship. Let us reach across the boundaries of age, gender, ethnicity or other differences. Let us all actively develop the full potential of people and in the process, let us all create a lasting legacy, by making a real difference in someone else’s life.”
President of The Republic of Malta
“Peter and his family were, and always remain, a most important part of my life. Peter and his brother Narcy, and Peter’s wife Simone, are not just friends but soul friends. I feel most honoured, and deeply humbled, by the way the Calamattas have taken me on as their mentor and spiritual guide during their eventful life
with many ups, but also with some sad and lamentable downs.”
Founder, Cana Movement Malta
“This inspirational book is not just a biography or auto-biography, but a unique example and paradigm of how a life can be built and formed by others. ‘No man is an island’ and here Peter Calamatta gives credit to the many human experiences of
family,friends and acquaintances that formed his eventful life. In this book Peter takes the ‘respect of friendship’ and the ‘love for your neighbour’ principles to the highest level that we should all try to emulate.”
Founder, The Millennium Chapel & WOW 
“For many years Peter has been one of my best.friends. For decades I have travelled to Malta. Always at the right time to coincide with my birthday, so that we could meet and talk for hours about so many subjects. We both got married at the same time, both to beautiful girls, and we are still happy to have them around us now. In that respect, we both have not changed. We had a son and daughter, were successful in business, are the same age and now enjoy our retirement.
“In the meantime I wrote and published two books and he did the same. Peter’s book “Maltese Plants in the Bible” was a huge success and I am certain that his biographical book “Me and My Mentors” will be equally successful. What a wonderful
experience our lives have been. A true friendship to be proud of”
Ex CEO, Kapiteijn Bulbs Holland
‘As Peter points out in this book, often we do not realise how people affect us, how others move us to do things we never thought ourselves capable of doing. This book is all about Peter, not his life story, but the story of many people, saints,
teachers, even Jesus Christ and a painting, which have had a profound effect on his life. Actively or unwittingly, these people, objects and organisations have made Peter’s life that much more colourful and interesting.”
‘And they all, like me, undoubtedly found in Peter an evergreen gentleman.
“Thank you, Peter.for being a true mentor.”
“Mentor” is an esteemed word which is particularly dear to me because a MENTOR helps a young life to grow. It sums up many other important concepts such as wisdom, support, advice and friendship. The fact that the term comes from the
Greek mythology, Mentor was the Homeric character to whom Ulysses entrusted his beloved son Telemacus before leaving for the Trojan war, renders the meaning and value of an archetype that is essential for the evolution of humanity even more
intense and clear. When there were only a few people who believed in my professional ambitions I met my great musical mentor Maestro Luciano Bettarini. At a recent concert at the Colosseum in Rome I found myself playing the role of mentor for my own son Matteo, a promising young tenor, who I dearly love and believe in. Like any parent and any mentor I felt all the responsibility
and sweet burden of this ancient but crucial word.
Tenor, Recording Artist & Singer-Songwriter


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Me & My Mentors - Peter Calamatta


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