Bruder Red & Yellow Ready Mix

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Strength, robustness and efficiency are on a working day on roads and construction sites is often crucial. Therefore, the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs developed specifically for these needs. In addition to these technical features was also the design accordingly revised. For instance, the front of the radiator grille in "Excavator tooth optics", whereby the "teeth" for durchbeissen and grab and damage the enormous power print.

The design of the model was taken over, great value on the usual robustness and the cab for brother to open doors, so that the brothers game characters enter. The drum of the concrete mixer can be turned in the water tank foldable crank handle (drum with conveying and mixing auger). As with the original happens drain the drum by reverse the direction of rotation. The auger inside the drum then requests the medium rearward to discharge chute. There are two outlet plates for plugging.

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