Bruder Red Ram 2500 Van

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The RAM 2500 Power wagon is in the truest sense of the word a heavy duty pickup truck from RAM trucks. Its robustness and off-road capability is legendary and unique until today. Even when it comes to power, this car particularly impressive. His V8 HEMI motor makes 410 HP and brings it up to 582 Newton meters of torque. This power packet in a distinctive power wagon design, there are new in the brother-collection. The toy is, as its large model, with the 4-door cab, the crew cab. All doors are open and offer 4 bworld-figures. For driving comfort and off-road capability, this model is in 1:16 scale with sprung axles, whereby the front axle with included Steering Wheel Extension controllable. For the heavy transport in the game operation, the tailgate can be opened and the load compartment offers space for brother pallets, skeleton containers or straw bale (Accessories No. 02415 and 02342 are not included in the delivery). The optionally available Light & Sound modules (accessories no. 02802) can be mounted the sunroof opening and also increases the gaming value.

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