Barbie Rainbow Potty Unicorn Doll Playse

MattelSKU: 887961914061



This Barbie Dreamtopia playset inspires nurturing play and fairytale fun with Barbie princess doll, her pet unicorn and a magical color change feature! Inspired by clouds and rainbows, the fantastical stable is the perfect place for Barbie doll to care for her unicorn. Fill the bottle with water, place baby unicorn on the potty pad and help Barbie doll feed her pet. As the unicorn "goes," the color of the potty pad will change from white to rainbow! Let it dry, then repeat for endless imaginative play. Additional play pieces include a trough and snacks, a hairbrush for Barbie doll, a grooming brush for her unicorn and 10 hair accessories for storytelling and styling fun. With a magical color change feature and so many accessories, this Barbie princess doll and unicorn playset makes the perfect gift for 3 to 7 year olds.

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