Barbie Extra Doll - Pigtails W/Bobble Ha

MattelSKU: 887961954982



  • The theme of fashion applies to Barbie Extra dolls "more is more". There are 15 accessories in the areas of fashion and accessories as well as a pet with accessories.
  • The Barbie doll has a more curvy body structure than the classic Barbie and her long brunette braids wears her stylishly with rainbow hair ties.
  • The exciting and playful look of a lavender ruffle top with star print combined with black shorts with frayed edges, and a neon faux fur cape reflects her confident style.
  • Barbie accessories - a handbag in star shape, silver boots, sunglasses and different length silver jewellery - give it even more personal expression and provide unexpected moments when storytelling.
  • The little dwarf tip is something very special with its oversized sunglasses with pointed lenses and a fruity drink!

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