Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Doll

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Barbie Dreamtopia fairy RozOneirefteite with Barbie®! Discover the magical world of Barbie ™ Dreamtopia! Wonderfully made by the imagination of Chelsea, the small sister of Barbie, the Dreamtopia is filled with imaginary kingdoms with rainbow rivers and mermaids, brilliant characters from a mountain with stones and clouds of sweet with flying fairies. Each fairy comes from a magical part of Dreamtopia. Discover the fairy from Bright Mountain, the fairy from Port Rainbow or Fairy from Sweet Village. Put the wings in the middle and convert them into neraides.Petaxte the World of Barbie Dreamtopia! The fairies of Barbie Dreamtopia have magical performances inspired by the magical world. With wings patterned, colored hair and sticks with decorative. The fairy of the Bright Mountain has pink wings with plans and one silver headband with "jewels" that adorn the long, pink ponytail. The fairies from Port Rainbow have colorful feathers. One fairy adorns the blue hair a purple tiara with stars, while the other fairy decorates the purple ponytail of a tiara with transparent hearts. The fairy from Sweet Village has wings decorated with candy and bows and blue headband with bow on the pink hair and tis.Moda Fantasy Fairy for Fun! Crowned details and plans dakosmoun the bodysuits and tear their skirts. The fairy of the Bright Mountain wearing pink skirt with shiny details Ombre bodysuit, silver necklace and matching shoes. The fairies from Port Rainbow wear colorful skirts, bodysuits with stars and matching shoes. The fairy from Sweet Village is dressed with patterned skirt, bodice decorated with candy and yellow papoutsia.Me the Barbie you can become what you dream! The children's imagination will create magical stories with these Barbie fairies! Discover all Barbie Dreamtopia series dolls and accessories to create a magical world! Create new tales, discover magical places and throw in a dream world, because with Barbie, anything is possible!

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