Acrylic Colours Set X12 12Ml

StatovacSKU: STV641950



- Quality Standard color makes painting easy and interesting, and meets almost all the requirements of the artist;
- It is possible to apply with a brush and spatula, as well as the use of various materials in combination with acrylic paints;
- Suitable for work on a large format, these acrylic paints are very durable and long-lasting after drying and for work on almost all surfaces.

The set contains 12 different colors in 12ml tubes:

  • 104 titanium white
  • 215 lemon yellow
  • 676 yellow ocher
  • 324 vermilion
  • 315 crimson red
  • 443 ultramarine blue
  • 450 phthalo blue
  • 568 grass green
  • 560 viridian green
  • 684 burnt sienna
  • 687 burnt umber
  • 793 permanent black

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