Exam Preparation Essentials!

The countdown to exams has started and whether you are confidently relaxed or frantically cramming, here are some of our must-have essentials to get you through those long study sessions!

1.Plenty of pens

Whilst you might prefer to type nowadays, a good pen is still an essential! And since you will also need it for the exam, better be prepared then run out mid paper! Whether you prefer a classical black or blue or would like to brighten your page and colour code your notes, the choice is entierly yours!

2. Highlighters 

Ranging in a variety of colours, highlighters help the most important points stand out on the page for easy reference.

3. Post it notes

Can you ever have too many reminders?

4. File

A clear and organised workspace, a clear and organised mind! Keep all your papers organised and file as you work! It just makes life so much easier.

5. Dividers

Dividers help place paper in sections..Because sometimes even your file needs filing!

6. Note book

Where else will you write all your notes?

7. Coffee flask

All nighter or early riser? Whichever you are, a flask of coffee will keep you going!

8. Water bottle

And don’t forget to keep hydrated! It essential for concentration.

9. Food!

Last but not least, every study group needs something to munch on. Healthy snacks and the occasional treat will be sure to fuel your brain and keep you sharp!

Good luck!

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