Spiral Binding (Plastic Comb Binding)

Comb binding is one of the most popular forms of paper binding today. Plastic combs are durable and are widely used by schools and businesses.

Metal Spiral Binding

Metal binding is a simple binding process that is used for a variety of different types of documents. It is not unusual for formal presentations and proposals to be constructed using a coil binding. This form of binding is also a popular option for cookbooks and instruction manuals. Printed materials that are joined using coil binding do not have a proper spine, as with books and other documents that are bound using other methods.

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding has been the perfect solution for customers looking for a quick, securely bound document. However, traditional thermal binding limits the variations of paper stock the user can use with their particular system. Thermal binding works fine on a variety of thicknesses of paper including various cover stocks.

Hard Bound

Simple Channel Metal-Bind is the new binding system that will bind books without any  punching or gluing.  The Simple Channel Metal bind system is fast and simple to use, documents can be unbound using our patented de-bind tool. Document will stand upright on a shelf because of the ridged metal Simple Channel spine, regardless of the type of covers you use.


Academic thesis are bound according to each individual faculty regulations.  All copies are cased in hard buckram-covered covers with embossing in gold, silver, black or other specified colour in a wide selection of materials.