Globber Primo Foldable With Light Scooter

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The three-wheel scooter Globber Primo Foldable Lights - glowing front wheels.

Designed for children aged 3+.

The new, quick folding system allows for convenient storage and carrying the scooter in a folded form.

Light, solid construction.

Aluminum handlebar, comfortable handles made of very durable TPR material.

Adjustable steering wheel height on 3 levels: 67.5 cm, 72.5 cm, 77.5 cm.

A wide, two-color platform with a non-slip surface, based on a metal frame.

Balance torsion works by tilting the steering wheel sideways.

Patented twist lock system - by pressing a button on the front of the scooter.

Wheels made of high-quality PU material, soft, non-slip and provide proper grip.

Wide rear wheel fender that acts as a brake.

Load 50 kg

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