Peg Perego Pink Quadbike 12V

Peg peregoSKU: 8005475387061



It is intended for children aged 3 to 8 years. Polaris Outlaw can handle abnormal paved and unpolluted surfaces, uneven ground with a maximum lift of 10%. Forward and reverse speeds are controlled by the gear shift lever.
The engine and battery power is sufficient for the minimum driving time, 30 minutes.
Speed ​​3.5 km / h and 7 km / h forward and reverse speed 3.5 km / h.
The accelerator and the brake are on a pedal - after the throttle is pressed, the car moves and then brakes after the release.

  • suitable for 3-8 years
  • number of seats 1
  • battery 12V 8Ah
  • minimum driving time 30 minutes
  • motor 2 × 165W
  • speed speed 2 + return
  • weight 15 kg
  • maximum load 40 kg
  • maximum lift 10%
  • appropriate surface solid or ungraded (grass)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 110 × 72 × 72,5 cm

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