The Lego Movie Mini Figures 71023

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Recreate your favorite funny scenes from THE LEGO MOVIE 2 with the LEGO minifigures from the LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 collection (71023). These limited edition figures (new for 2019) have fantastic accessories and great costumes. Enjoy the brand new THE LEGO MOVIE 2 adventures with the breathtaking Remix-Emmet, the ready-to-go Lucy, Apocalypse Benny, the giraffe guy, the pen girl, Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield, Hula Lula, the watermelon guy , Flashback-Lucy, the swamp monster, candy rapper, the golfing President Business, Apocalypsown-Abe, Westfreund-Rex, Kitty Pop, Dorothy Gale & Toto, the fig lion, the scarecrow, the tin man and a unicorn-kitty figure. Each collectible figure is in a locked surprise bag, which also contains at least one accessory and a collector's brochure as well as a unique display plate.

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