Leap Start Book - School Success 3D

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Explore how much fun school can be as you practise advanced school skills with the Deluxe Activity Set – School Success for LeapStart Go. Open up the fold-out pages and explore the movable parts to learn kindergarten and grade school skills by tapping the stylus on the interactive pictures and words. Learning is enhanced through amazing videos that take you back to prehistoric times to meet the dinosaurs or far into space to explore planets up close. The set introduces a full curriculum of school subjects and has movable parts to expand learning in creative ways. Short, simple passages on each page help to reinforce the curriculum and give kids a chance to practise reading. Includes an interactive weekly school planner to hang on the wall or a door. A computer with an Internet connexion is required to download books onto the LeapStart Go system. This set is only compatible with the LeapStart Go interactive learning system. 

Age: 4-8 Years Old

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